Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Training Specialists in the UK

Whether you are new to forklift operating or you want refresher forklift training, we are at your service. Forklift training is all about lifting heavy goods and stocking them on various places safely. There are no hard and fast rules about forklift operating in the UK.
With a few easy steps taken to ensure the safety at the workplace and our forklift training, you can easily qualify for forklift operating jobs wherever you like. Typically more career oriented people opt for forklift training in order to find reasonable and suitable forklift operating jobs.

An Insight to our Forklift Training

We offer a number of courses in our forklift operator training program. We offer our students three types of trainings.

Extensive Forklift Training

This forklift training includes every single detail about operating the forklift safely. It is best for people who are completely new to this type of training and don’t hold any past experience in the field.

Initial Forklift Training

This type of training lasts a few days only depending on what suits you the best. If you are an aspiring forklift operator and want to improve your skills or your employer has asked you to go for forklift training all over again due to some circumstances then this is the best type of forklift training for you.

Refresher Forklift Training

Refresher forklift training is when you are already a forklift operator and you want to refresh your training for whatever reasons. So many companies hold refresher forklift training for their existing forklift operators every alternative year to ensure the workplace safety and to eliminate the hazardous situations.
We are fully equipped with so many kinds of forklifts at the moment. We give counterbalance, reach and rough terrain forklift training but the most common one is the counterbalance forklift operator training because it is the widely used forklift in warehouses and other places.

Career Prospects

As a forklift operator you can easily find suitable and rewarding forklift operating jobs in London, Manchester and Birmingham. There are so many existing and emerging businesses that need certified forklift operators for their warehouses and industrial plants. We have career counselors who help the trainees get on their feet when it comes to choosing the best jobs out there. Do you know that you can make up to £30,000 per annum with your forklift operating jobs?