PCV Bus Driver Training

Become an owner of a CAT D licence with us

No matter what age or profession you are, we can still turn you into an efficient PCV bus driver through our PCV bus driver training. We have appointed coordinators for each of our trainees to make things easier for them and these coordinators make sure your entire PCV training flows smoothly till the end. The idea behind our custom made PCV bus driver training is to develop professionals to fulfil the demand of skilled bus drivers all over the UK.

What’s included in our PCV Driver Training?

Unlike other training institutes, our PCV driver training is comprehensive, extensive and fun all at the same time. We do not believe in making things dry or boring for our students, hence our instructors are friendly and cheerful with a great sense of educating people. We have divided our PCV bus driver training in various modules to make it simpler for you. Here are some of the important things that we train you in:

Handling, driving and reversing the vehicle efficiently

Knowledge about the rules and regulations of the road

Minor fixtures of the vehicle

Safety hazards for passengers and the vehicle

Great communication skills and customer service

Driving into hazardous weather conditions

Apart from all these things, you get to learn about the theory of the subject and our instructors are always helping the trainees by giving them advice about their CAT D licence test day.

Career Prospects

Commuters hold a lot of respect for drivers who serve them and help them get on their destinations every single day. We are glad to inform you that with our PCV bus driver training, your doors towards success will open in full swing. Once you have cleared your CAT D licence and CPC, you are good to start your first ever bus driving jobs in London, Manchester and Birmingham.
With your Bus driving jobs you can easily make up to £30,000 per annum which only increases with experience and time. You can also progress to become a member of higher management that manages this industry. Another great option after our PCV CAT D bus driver training is to driver a coach on longer routes throughout the UK. You get to see so many nice new places across the country and it is well paid in money and in experience.